RF Research and Development Laboratory

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RF R&D Laboratory consists of personnel and infrastructure capable of research and development up to 110 GHz frequency band. There exists a realization and test/measurement RF/microwave infrastructure up to 40 GHz. Millimeter wave band designs can be implemented in “Chip On Board” technology-based MCMs (Multichip Modules) using the facilities of Gebze Campus.


  • S-band very high power (16 kW) solid-state power amplifiers
  • X-band medium power (< 1 kW) solid-state power amplifiers
  • Frequency up-down converters (X-, Ku-, K-band)
  • Passive RF Components (filters, diplexers, combiners, couplers, etc.)
  • Very low phase noise DDS-based frequency synthesizers
  • Very low noise amplifiers
  • Radio link systems in ITU-R frequency bands up to 25 GHz