High Power Microwave Systems Laboratory

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Cathode and Microwave Vacuum Tube Research Labs. aim is to design and develop cathodes for microwave vacuum tubes (Magnetrons, TWTs, etc.) for various applications like satellite communications, electronic warfare systems, high power radar systems and medical systems.


  • Hydrogen, Argon and Nitrogen sintering technology up to 2500 C degrees
  • Brazing technology in high temperature and vacuum environment
  • Cathode coating technology with metal thin films
  • Material characterization technology
  • Pneumatic and Isostatic pressing technology
  • Cathode and e-Gun test and characterization technology in vacuum tube environment
  • Microwave vacuum tube (Magnetron, TWT) infrastructure development technology
  • Thermionic Cathode, Magnetron and TWT prototype infrastructure development technology


  • 4500 m2 indoor area
  • 2500 m2 laboratory area
  • 500 m2 cleanroom area
  • Electromechanics Laboratory
  • Chemistry Laboratory
  • Numerical Electromagnetics Computing Laboratory
  • Cathode Prototype and Test Laboratory
  • Sintering (in Hydrogen Atmosphere) Laboratory