TUBITAK BILGEM Has Won The Duke’s Choice Award

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The Air Traffic Controller Selection Project developed by TUBITAK BILGEM in conjunction with DHMI has been awarded an international prize given by Oracle.

The Air Traffic Controller Selection System (atcSES) has taken a place in the best 10 java-based projects in a competition organised by ORACLE which is seen as the most important price that can be given to Java developers. The 9 of the awarded projects have been elected by a Java community and the other one has been elected by an online voting through Java webpage.

Award was presented in the welcome day of the JavaOne Conference which is held on San Fransisco, USA. More than 60.000 people from all over the world attendeed to this conference. On the other hand, an article about atcSES was published on September/October issue of the Java Magazine which is followed by most people in software world.

TUBITAK developed Air Traffic Controller Selection System (atcSES) with the partnership of DHMI.

Skills which are required for an air traffic controller can be assessed in a secure and reliable manner by this system. These skill are spatial awareness, reasoning, complex attention, psychomotor abilities, visual memory, auditory memory, cross-control, and basic mathematics. The system includes 12 tests which evaluate 9 different essential skills and a personality test as well. Air traffic controller candidates enter an computer-based exam which is provided by the atcSES and suitable candidates for the job are selected.

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