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PLANSİS (Online Plan Management System) Implementation, which aims at management of disasters and emergencies at schools of the Turkish Ministry of National Education (MEB), has started to operate in Ankara and İstanbul. Developed by the Information Technologies Institute (BTE), the implementation is planned to cover all Turkey.

Reports showing Turkey’s readiness level for disasters will be collected from all around Turkey. And these reports could be audited by MEB auditors and analyzed by AFAD (the Disaster and Emergency Management Authority) officials through PLANSİS implementation.  The short-term purpose of the project is to contribute to the internal audit mechanism of the MEB and to minimize the time needed for overcoming deficiencies in this context. As for the long-term goal, with the analyses to be conducted by AFAD, it is aimed to ensure that all schools in the country are well-prepared for disasters. Additionally, these data will also be used in the other sectors other than education.

PLANSIS Implementation, thanks to its dynamic infrastructure, is expected to be applied to other institutions and organizations as well. It is also aimed that the implementation will contribute to the standardization, updating, easy-access and auditing processes of reports on Disaster and Emergencies needed for many other sectors and fields.