TRENSIM Has Trained 270 Machinists in a 3-Year Period

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The E43000 Electric Locomotive Simulator (TRENSİM), developed by TÜBİTAK BİLGEM Information Technologies Institute (BTE), have up to, now trained hundreds of machinists.

TRENSİM started its journey as a TARAL (Turkish Research Area) Project in 2007, later to be delivered to Eskişehir Training Center in 2011. The center, upon the completion of approximately a year-long preparation process, added the simulator to its main training activities on 1 February of 2012. The center, today, includes various simulators of wide-ranging train models. However, according to the related authorities, TRENSİM has a special place among the other simulators. That might be attributed to the fact that it holds the position of being the only native at the Eskişehir Training Center. The Eskişehir Training Center entitles candidate machinists with a certificate on condition that they complete the simulator training. Upon its tree-year long use at the center, TRENSİM has provided more than 270 people with certificates, maintaining its special place by covering a virtual distance of 102.000 km. 

In terms of hardware, TRENSIM system has been developed similar to its real counterpart. Among its sub-systems are real-time 3-D visual modelling, task planning, performance evaluation software, debriefing tools and various physics models. Additionally, the system encompasses a locomotive cab and a control panel in one-to-one scale, a Stewart Platform (6 degrees of freedom (DOF)), audio systems, cameras, network infrastructure hardware, a touch-operated screen for failure control monitoring, and control software.